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Telephone: 561-265-1680  E-mail: suzy@suzyhammer.com

Salty Sue, A Pirate
A seriously silly pirate who
brings music, magic, original
sea tales and a boat load of pirate lore to every show.
The Pink Fairy
A delightful, comic fairy who help kids and kids at heart believe in the magic of books. Her reading show is available all over Florida!
The Bookworm
Her love of reading and books captures the imaginations of both young and old. A unique character with a delightful reading show.
The Spelling Bee
A Bumbling Bee who loves
to spell, conduct contests,
and teach the little ones to
'bee' kind and 'bee' safe.
Millennia, the Muse
A Greek who inspires reading with fables and myths. Millennia also uses a little stagecraft and magic for fun audience participation.
The Sweet Witch

Halloween fun, stories and magic. A 45 minute program, perfect for the season!
Safari Sue
Explorer, alligator hunter, storyteller - this safari has Florida history, explorers, the Everglades, and even Africa! Get your books to get going!
H. Potter's Prof
A favorite teacher arrives
with wizard magic, a potions class, Potter stories, and diplomas for graduates! A beloved reading program.
Mother Goose
The Old Fashioned Lady of Rhyme with her nursery rhymes, puppets, music and magic.

Trixie The Clown & Col. Mufflefoot Buffington III
Trixie, and the Colonel are a treat for birthday parties!


Nanny Gingerbread!
Sugar and spice - it's all nice with Nanny Gingerbread! A Florida preschool character, here's another way to inspire kids to read!

Magical storytelling
as charming characters
with reading shows for
Florida libraries, schools,
community centers,
preschools, and daycares.

With original costumes and much experience, Suzy delivers a sensational performance!*

Suzy arrives early,
and leaves the kids inspired!

Close up of THE Bookworm, a character to promote reading in Florida.
If there was a single character to promote reading and a love of books, it might be the Bookworm. All over Florida she goes, with engaging stories, memorable puppets, and magic surprises! The Bookworm is on a wormy mission to get kids reading - for life! Book the Worm now to beat the school rush, then get ready for a program they won't forget!
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Close up of Grizelda, the Sweet Witch for Halloween parties, festivals, and seasonal education.
"Boo!' from Grizelda, the Sweet Witch. Would you like to treat your kids with more than candy this Halloween season? Have Grizelda at your preschool or library with her 45 minute show. She brings fun stories from classic literature along with silly ghosts and goblins who love to read. And let's face it, ghosts make reading cool! Book today for a literary October!
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Closeup of Pumpkin Patty, a pre-school program character.
The U.S. grows 1,500,000,000 pounds of pumpkins each year. Pumpkin Patty shares a pumpkin-load of interesting food info with an emphasis on organic, locally grown food. When she's done, kids better grasp the organic-conventional distinction. And in a show with stories and magic, they learn a bunch about pumpkins. Have her for fall food fun!
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Suzy cheerfully paints each face in under 2 minutes,
staying in character to entertain at the same time.

*What do clients say after a show? Read Ms. Kindel's review as a sample:

"Suzy Hammer has performed storytelling shows as both Salty Sue the Pirate and Neptunia the Sea Goddess at our City's annual water public outreach event and the kids just love her! The show is absolutely entertaining, colorful, educational, and most of all fun!"

Mary Kindel - Recycling and Conservation Coordinator
City of Stuart

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