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    The Pink Fairy...
Every little girl's dream comes true with a visit from the Pink Fairy.
She is a beloved guest, weaving magical, mystical stories about the many wonderful people in their lives.
The Pink Fairy has a heartfelt story for each princess she creates!

...a delight to children of any age!!!
A delightful comic fairy and to those children of any age who believe in Fairies, She is very special. The Pink Fairy is a wonderful addition to any little girl’s birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower or special event. Her songs, stories, music and magic will enchant everyone. Truly a sweet and kind character, she leaves each person feeling that something magical took place at their meeting. Often imitated, yet unsurpassed in charm and entertainment value this magical character can be at your special event.

A 45-minute program for schools and libraries, and 1 hour for birthday parties of up to 22 children. Additional time may be booked for larger parties.

"The ideas presented kept the children’s attention with the varied activities, strong visual, auditory and tactile kinesthetic modalities. The story reading theme was stressed emphatically.
The pace & variety were outstanding."

South Elementary

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