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Pumkin Patty standing beside haybales topped with pumpkins.
Patty posing by prime pumpkins.

Farms, fall foods, and fun

Does your recipe for pumpkin pie include these ingredients?

                  • pumpkin
                  • cinammon
                  • sugar
                  • eggs
                  • milk
                  • imidazolinones
                  • trifluralin

With ingredients from a conventional farm, there may be some surprises in your pie this fall. Pumpkin Patty is a purist, and doesn't like any hidden additives. In her fall educational program, she teaches kids the difference between conventional farming and locally grown produce, raised with sustainable or organic methods. Along the way, P. Patty promotes good nutrition in a show filled with charming fall tales, magic, comedy, and lots about pumpkins! What is there to learn? How about this -

    • Did you know pumpkins are native to North America? There was no pumpkin pie in Europe until after trade was established.The oldest evidence, pumpkin-related seeds dating between 7000 and 5500 BC, were found in Mexico.
    • Did you know that the pumpkin Cinderella used as a carriage was set to turn back into a carriage at midnight? An orange dilemma, for sure!
    • Did you know the popular image of a scarecrow with a pumpkin head was used by Nathaniel Hawthorne in the story "Feathertop", published in 1852?

Pumpkin Patty shows the difference between labels for organic versus non-organic foods, a distinction simple enough for a preschooler. While they may not make the grocery list, these kids can identify the more natural option at the store. Where did you learn that, the parent will ask? From the Pumpkin Patty show at school, they'll answer, further convincing the parent they made the right decision in choosing your preschool.

(Click each photo for a bigger picture, and a pumpkin fact.)
Pumpkin Patty sitting beside a palm tree. Patty by cornstalks and pumpkins. Patty sitting while holding a pumpkin pot.

Patty with a few of the US crop.

A pumpkin - sprouting flowers!

Patty among pumpkin friends.


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