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    Safari Sue
So what would you serve if you had an elephant for breakfast?
Safari Sue says to put out lots and lots of grass!

An Elephant? For BREAKFAST?
Alligator hunter, explorer, Tales of Old Florida and the Everglades, Native Americans and Explorers,and Africa!

Safari Sue knows that children love animals and adventure and she delivers plenty of both. Sorry, we’ve kept the animals in the zoo for now, but have lots of tales and interactive adventures for their education and excitement. Animal tales, (Science) Travel (Geography) and Adventure stories, (History) treasure hunts and magic.

"I was extremely impressed with Suzy’s ability to control such a large crowd. She was masterful and a joy to observe as she let the crowd go wild withexcitement and then easily contained them for the next idea. I loved the audience participation /the music/the laughter!
She was wonderful and very educational.
What better theme than reading too! Loved it!"

The Benjamin School

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