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    Salty Sue, The Pirate LADY
Salty Sue swashbuckling into another adventure!
Arrrrrrrrrr Matey!
A seriously silly pirate who brings music, magic, original tales of the sea and rich pirate lore from Florida History. Salty Sue also leads the children on a real adventure in a successful search for captured booty which all will share. Her theme? The treasure is in the books! It's like a blend of Indiana Jones and Captain Jack - with long, blonde hair.

Schools, libraries and summer camps are Salty Sue’s pirate territory. A delightful alternative to the standard fare, this nationally known & respected entertainer uses all of her theatrical skills for a salty good time for all!

"Suzy Hammer has performed storytelling shows as both Salty Sue the Pirate and Neptunia the Sea Goddess at our City's annual water public outreach event and the kids just love her! The show is absolutely entertaining, colorful, educational, and most of all fun!"

Mary Kindel
Recycling and Conservation Coordinator
City of Stuart

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